Festival Rules for Instrumental

  • Open to all players of Wind and Brass instruments, of any age, whether solo or as a group. Amateur musicians of all ages and levels are eligible.
  • Make sure you fill the registration form completely, especially your contact information including your email address. That way if anything is unclear we can contact you and we can keep you informed about times and locations of workshops.
  • Participants must perform a Concert Group or 2 Solo pieces to be considered for an award. If possible, review a paper copy of the Syllabus and see rule #48 (p.6)..
  • PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for the Provincial Festival, a student must enter 2 Solo classes in one discipline. Performing Arts BC considers a Concert Group (consisting of 2 or 3 pieces) as 1 class only, therefore he/she must enter 1 Concert Group plus another Solo Class - or - enter 2 (or more) separate Solo classes.
  • Participants recommended to PERFORMING ARTS BC in two disciplines may attend in ONE discipline only.
  • If you are playing a solo with piano that generally is not considered a duet.
  • All entries will be reviewed for correct placement.
  • Though there are no time limits, the pieces you select to play should represent your best playing only, not everything you can play. If the list or amount of time seems excessive I will contact you to discuss your selections.
  • Open class is just that. If you are an adult that is the class you will be in.